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What do you hear (or see) most about living in Bali? The tales of a paradise island smothered in palm trees, beautiful beaches and mountainous views? Echos of EDM parties or chilled out beach club beats? Glimpses of decked out villas and enviable influencers?

More than that, Bali is actually a melting pot of people from all nations, religions and backgrounds. Many people initially venture to Bali on holiday and then find themselves staying in Bali for years! Why is that? How do they do it?

What do people who move to Bali do for a living? How can you run a successful business in Bali or from Bali? What are some of the best places to live and hang-out in Bali? Like the title hints, we will be chatting with and interviewing various types of people who live here in Bali short and long term. On the show, we’ll be digging in and uncovering some great stories and insider information all about living in Bali. We hope you’ll join us for this fun (and informative) journey!

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