Episode #3: Starting Socially Conscious Projects and Businesses That Last with Irma Sitompul

Have you ever wondered what it’s like starting a business out of a co-working space? Irma Sitompul, owner of For Good Impact, joins us on the show to share about how co-working spaces have benefitted her business. She also talks about how she helps other organizations and businesses continue to operate sustainably and efficiently. Irma also gets honest with us about her confidence issues about starting a business and how she has worked to crush them.

It’s not all business though. Irma shares her journey from how she originally came to Bali to why she now considers it her home. We also get to hear about her tiny eco-house project and some really cool off-the-beaten-path places to explore in Bali. Join us for this fun and inspiring chat with Irma. We love her and know that you will too!

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Enjoying the ocean breeze and a refreshing drink after an inspiring conversation with Irma 🙂


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