Episode #4: How to Live Life as Paradise with Tara Khandro

Islands are their own beings and Bali certainly has its own personality that effects how people live, love and work. From the well-known spiritual center of Ubud, Tara Khandro met up with us at Sage Café to talk about her life of exploration and spirituality. She shared why she thinks Bali has a special initiatory energy as well as explaining what it means to live life AS paradise. Many people come to the island to find paradise but end up finding that paradise is not necessarily about where you are on the globe.

Having lived in Bali for quite a few years, Tara has great insight into the unique personality of the island and how it has changed over time. She shares some unique places to explore while explaining how Bali has allowed her to be herself and connect with locals and a younger generation that is more in-tune with themselves.

With her many interests and talents, Tara explains why she has done so much and how she weaves her art into spirituality and uses it to help others heal. Tara’s joy for life and passion for helping people find their true paradise is so energizing and inspiring. We hope you learn as much from this conversation as we did!

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Tara Khandro
Hanging out in the bright and cheerful Sage Cafe, Ubud, with Tara Khandro 🙂


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