Episode #5 : From Aceh to Bali: Empowering Women & Local Community through A Sustainable Business with Tya Syahara

Sustainable business is a growing trend for a reason. It mixes passion with purpose and empowers local communities. This definitely applies to Tya Syahara and the awesome business she works with – Aluan. Originally from Aceh, Tya moved to Australia first before settling down in Bali. In this podcast, she tells stories of how she first explored surfing and uses arts such as movie and poetry to inspire and empower women and young people all over Indonesia.

Tya is in Bali with a social and environmental business – Aluan which produces the finest and rarest coconut based products from Simeulue Island. She will discuss how this business is helping locals (humans and animals alike) by promoting and funding sustainable and environmentally friendly business. Her creativity, bravery and passion for her home is inspiring and we know you’ll love her!


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