Episode #8: Uplifting Orphans Through Surf and Environmental Training with Rodney Westerlaken

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Rodney Westerlaken - Soul Surf Project Bali

It all started with a small surf trip and then turned into a passion for orphans and Indonesia as a whole. Rodney Westerlaken agreed to sit down and chat with us about the awesome surf foundation he created to help teach orphans in Bali how to surf, swim and respect the environment. He has some inspiring stories and helpful insight that will surprise you about Balinese culture and orphanages.

Rodney also shares important information from his research on Indonesia and talks about the importance of being respectful of different cultures even if you disagree with them. He has some great insight into how to get involved and make the biggest impact when you see a problem and also the best ways to support people in the wake of a natural disaster.

He really shows and shares his love for Indonesia and passion for making a difference while living a life he loves – we know you’ll be inspired!

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Rodney Westerlaken - Soul Surf Project Bali

Trying out one of the refreshing work stations at Biliq Coworking space while chatting with Rodney!

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