Episode #9 : Finding Love and Inspiration to Write in Ubud with Kyle Hill

Living in Bali Episode 9 Finding Love and Inspiration to Write in Ubud Bali with Kyle Hill

Despite having a decent 9-5 job in Sydney, Kyle Hill realized that it does not fit him well. It did not take him long to quit the job and leave Australia. Due to lower living costs, he decided to move to Asia. His first choice was Jakarta. However, after a series of unfortunate events, he knew that the Big Durian is not for him and soon embarked his journey to Bali. Little did he know that he would find love in Ubud, Bali. The unconditional love that has been helping him to write his second book.

Originally from Scotland, Kyle is an author, speaker, YouTuber and entrepreneur. He has lived in many places around the world before moving to Bali. Kyle has also worked in various different industries from banking, printing, business coaching and his true passion – writing. It has been a year since moving to Bali and he really emphasises  how Ubud makes him feel at home.


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