Episode #10: Retiring with a Mission – Bringing Essential Care and Education to Rural Bali with Sue Bishop of Rumah Sehat

Retiring to Bali is something that many people dream of doing but retirement on this beautiful island had much more in store for Ray and Sue Bishop. Instead of falling into a life of relaxation, the Bishops founded Rumah Sehat Bali – a small non-profit charity that now does big things to bring healthcare and education to the poorest regions in Bali.

Only a few hours away from the bustling tourist towns in the south of Bali are areas where thousands live on less than $100 a year and lack essential medical care and educational resources. Sue and Ray saw the great amount of need in these underserved areas so they mobilized an army of incredible volunteers while partnering with other organizations and non-profits to bring health and opportunities to those in need.

Sue Bishop joined us on the podcast to share their journey in getting started and cast a vision for the future of Rumah Sehat (You can get involved!). She tells some incredible stories of desperation, need and hurt but most of all – hope. You will definitely find some inspiration and learn a lot about a side of Bali that many know little to nothing about.

Contact Sue if you want to get involved and leave us a comment and review if you enjoyed this episode!


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Catching up with Sue at the lively ABC beach club in Sanur!


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