Episode #11: Building a Fitness Empire with Elbert Tiwa

Elbert Tiwa is the first person in Indonesia to start a true bootcamp-style gym. As a former US Marine, athlete and Under Armour Ambassador, he knows exactly how to bring fun into a proper military inspired fitness program. He specializes in combat fitness and high intensity tactical training.

He founded Empire Fit Club originally in Jakarta and now, due to popular demand, he has started a new gym located smack dab in in the middle of the beautiful Bali rice fields (literally). The gym offers three concepts that makes you want to return to sweat again: variety, community and structured programs. On top of that, the outdoor Bali vibes is something that makes Empire fitness is unique and highly sought after.

Elbert joined us on the podcast to share his passion for working out, how he build an awesome team and what his vision is for revolutionizing the fitness industry in Indonesia. And of course he will give you some tips and tricks on starting a business in Bali.

If you are looking for an outdoor workout space where you can enjoy beautiful Bali views while getting your sweat on, definitely check out Empire fitness!


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Empire Fitness in Bali

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