Episode #12: Balancing Flavor, Education and Entrepreneurship as a Teenager with Arielle Chenarra

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Arielle Chenarra - Living in Bali Podcast

Arielle Chenara - Thyme & Caramel

Arielle Chenarra started a business at just 13 years old. In this episode, we get to hear from this inspiring young entrepreneurial baker, artist, teacher and role model. She is the creator of Thyme & Caramel – a gluten-free and hand-crafted vegan buttercream cakery, as well as an empowering figure for youths through her workshops and events.

Arielle talks about how her unique upbringing and schooling helped pave the way for her success. Her passion for creating beautiful, high quality and tasty treats is clear to see. We are sure you’ll be impressed with the mature and mindful wisdom this young lady has to offer.

You will learn so much from how she creates balance with flavors and with learning. Arielle discusses the beauty of unexpected flavor combinations, catering to dietary restrictions, building a sustainable and ethical business, the benefits of unconventional schooling and much more.

She also shares a bit about how she’s aiming to break the stigmas that go along with vegan or gluten-free food as well as her goal to empower and inspire youths to reach their potential and go after their dreams – even if it’s a bit different.

Enjoy the show!


Listen to the show:

Arielle Chenarra - Living in Bali Podcast

Sarah, Arielle and Olivia in the garden area behind Kinoa Clean Eating Bar.

Arielle Chenarra - Living in Bali Podcast

One of the gorgeous cupcake creations Arielle surprised us with after the interview – it was SO good!


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