Episode #15: Providing Jobs for People with Disabilities with Suri

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Since 2012, Suri started gaining interest in and researching issues in the disabled community. As a volunteer, she was teaching English to help make it easier for them to enter the job market through the ever-growing hospitality industry. Now she continues the work with Diffago (now Difalink), a start-up focused on solving the underemployment crisis for locals who deal with various forms of disabilities. Starting her career as a lawyer, she dropped her job at a law firm to fully pursue her passion for disability issues.

In this episode, you will gain insight on disability issues in Indonesia, running a start-up in Bali and, of course, some insider opinions on the best places to visit in Bali.

We had tons of fun talking, despite recording this simultaneously in three different countries (apologies if you hear some background noise).

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Living in Bali Podcast
Suri, the founder of Diffago (now Difalink)

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