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Welcome to the Living in Bali podcast website!

Sarah and Olivia here. We moved to Bali for different reasons and from very different places but have both found that living in Bali is a whirlwind of challenges, fascination and inspiration. Falling in love with Bali was easy.

Sarah, from the US, came to Bali after discovering the freedom of working online. Leaving behind her 9-5 job and enticed by the promise of good surfing all year long, she boarded a one way flight to a part of the world she had only ever read about.

Olivia, from Sumatra, is a globetrotter with an unquenchably curious nature. She has lived in many places in the world (5 countries) but is now based in Bali as a development worker and gets to travel to many different islands in Indonesia for her work.

We came to realize that most people we meet living in Bali have a movie-like story to tell – from the soul-searching wanderers to the enthusiastic global nomads. There are also so many interesting entrepreneurs and innovators who start and run successful businesses in or from Bali! On top of that, the blend of western influence and the unique local culture of Bali makes everyone’s experience of living in Bali quite special.

Thus, we decided to make this podcast so we could share stories, tips and inspiration from the people we have met here – with you!

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