Episode #21: Work WITH Nature – Not Against it with Jared Achilles Cordon

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A combination of shamanic drumming, fasting, reading and introspection brought Jared Achilles Cordon to his calling – permaculture farming. This upstate New York native ended up working on a project in China where he made connections that eventually brought him to Bali – where he knew immediately that he needed to stay. Jared’s story of growth, change, spirituality and hard work is truly fascinating.

You will get a chance to learn about how permaculture farming works and how Jared has been working to implement it in Bali. His shares the obstacles he ran into along the way and the incredible outcomes that have already come to fruition (literally!). Jared discusses the importance of building relationships and getting to know the lives of locals before coming in and trying to make changes.

From navigating innovative farming techniques to learning about shamanic journeys and the chaotic power of Bali, this episode is packed full of goodies – so don’t miss it!

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EDIT: This interview happened in 2019 and since then, Jared has shifted his energy into writing and other interesting projects. If you are looking to get your hands on his upcoming book or just want to pester him with questions about permaculture farming and shamanic drumming – send him a message on Instagram! The link is listed below.

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